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I found this photo on a stock site while I was at work.

It’s gorgeous, I adore that red cabinet.


Trabant 601

via Swiss Miss


John and I made an English bitter on Easter. And cupcakes, of course. The first beer I’ve made in two years. There’s something about seeing all the beers lined up after you’re done that makes me feel so Laverne & Shirley. The cupcakes went to a dinner party at Lauren and Marc’s. They really went all out for a super delicious Easter dinner. I think we ate it too quickly to take photos!

Orange and Ginger Cake

Flourless orange and ginger cake with lemon zest and sugar glaze. It was made with almond meal instead of flour. Very savory instead of overly sweet.


Red velvet cupcakes made with red vinegar instead of food coloring. They really weren’t red. Next time I’ll try beets. They have a bittersweet chocolate glaze, perfect, not too sweet.

Meat Pies

Meat pies made with peas, carrots, herbs, creme fraƮche and whiskey. The dough also had whiskey in it, yum.