Honeymooning in Belize + Guatemala

John in Belize City

First day on Caye Caulker…very pale!

Tree on Caye Caulker

Hammock Time

Palm Trees

Drinking Belikin (yum!) at the Sand Box Bar

More Belikin drinking….

The Lazy Lizard bar on the northern point of Caye Caulker

Breakfast at CocoPlum

Snorkeling with sharks and rays in Hol Chan Marine Reserve

Green turtle


John and a ray…and jacks that followed us everywhere

Bill + Jenny of Cerros Beach Resort with Hannah – part dog, part deer!

Hibiscus flowers in Cerros

Sunset at Cerros

Nursing statue in Corozal Town

Cool tapestry in our hotel room in San Ignacio

Ceiba tree in Tikal, Guatemala

Temple I, Tikal, Guatemala

Cedar tree root, Tikal, Guatemala

The view from Temple IV, Tikal, Guatemala…aka the rebel base in Star Wars IV!

Legs like jello!

We loved Caye Caulker so much we went back for our last few days

Brochure picture for the time share!

Sunset at the Lazy Lizard…with a Belikin, natch

Breakfast at Gloria’s

Me, recreating the scene above

Frigate bird and the moon

Drinking is Fun!


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