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Garden 2009

Swiss chards, blueberry, tomatoes, cucumbers, jalapeno peppers

Cucumbers, tomatoes and basil

Bond and cucumbers



We had a few different peppers, hot and sweet. Loads of tomatoes, the yellow ones were like candy. And a bunch of other veggies I didn’t shoot.

Eggplants from the garden

Pesto, Jam + Pickles

This week I cut all my basil plants, made and froze a big batch of pesto for the winter. I freeze the pesto in ice cube trays so I only have to defrost a little bit at a time. (thanks to Cathryn for that tip).

Pickles from last summer and strawberry jam I made 2 weeks ago. The strawberries aren’t from my garden but they are organic from the Union Square greenmarket.

Garden Gnome

My garden helper Bond. I planted a special treat for her this year. Catnip. Her full name is Bond, James Bond. But we just call her Bond.

Garden 2007

At the beginning of summer the garden is lush, bright green and happy.