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English Muffins

Wholesome English muffins made with oats and flaxseeds. yum.


English Muffins/Crumpets

I tried making crumpets for John for Valentine’s Day but they turned out more like English muffins with a crumpet texture. Basically it’s the same recipe except that crumpets call for more milk. They were damn good either way!

Spinach & Leek Pie

A spinach & leek pie (almost a tart!) from David Tanis’ book ‘A Platter of Figs.”

Cleaning the leeks.

Nana & Pappy’s house, pt. 1

Last spring I stayed with my grandparents for a week while my grandfather got his knee replaced. It was really nice to spend some quiet time with them. Their house hasn’t changed since I was a kid.

Poladroid fun

A bunch of friends rented a barn in NH before the wedding. I used Poladroid on this shot. So much fun!


It hailed the week before my wedding in NH. The temperature went down to about 50, from 80 or so. It smelled of coldness and pine. And stayed on the ground for hours. Craziness.

Cat in the Window

John cannot resist a cat in a the window shot. Taken on our first mini honeymoon on Nantucket. The real one will be in Belize this winter! Can’t wait.